Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Thou shall have a fishy....

So this was a really fab project. It's always fun to create something out of the box with products you wouldn't have thought of using before. This was a piece I created for a sample to be shown on Hochanda. I had a nice mix of Powertex UK mdf shapes and embellishments and lace to use. And this is what I came up with...

As usual I gave thought to the layout of the piece. This did change as I progressed but it's much nicer to have a dry run before everything gets messy and covered in Powertex.

Top Tip: When you're making your stone art clay make a job lot of moulded embellishments. This saves you more time to play and concentrate on your project when you come to it. I've used the daisy moulds from Powertex UK I just love them!

Then I took some structure paste and using some of my templates including my Powertex UK arty quote stencil, I randomly stenciled the base. Once dry I had a play with some lace and textured material to give the base some more depth. I love the weaved mesh it has to be my favourite product and you can find some here in this pack:

Once happy with the layout and composition I coated the whole thing in Ivory Powertex and I totally forgot to take a picture of it. But then sprayed with black bistre. And when I spray my bistre I like to completely saturate the piece.

Top Tip: I added some bling. I would recommend you do this right at the end with some transparent Powertex as when you come to dry brushing you tend to go over the gems and then you have to try and scrap the varnish and pigment off.

I used a damp sponge to take some of the black away and leave whiter areas in places. This look gives a smoother, softer finish than just using straight black powertex. Then it was on to dry brushing with yellow ochre, red ochre, and burdgundy powercolor with varnish and then some gold and pearl colortricx and varnish to add a bit or sparkle.
Enjoy and have fun creating. ❤ Toodle Pip Anna xXx ❤

Sunday, 25 June 2017

There and back again a Powertex tale

What an awesome experience to have been offered by Garry and Tracey of Powertex UK. I had the most amazing time at Hochanda. The whole team looked after me and made me feel right at home. I had so many ideas and techniques I wanted to share and didn't get through all of them. Maybe next time. If they will have me back :D

Now I can finally speak about my fabulous stamps that Tracey asked me to design for Powertex Uk. You will have seen me on the shows demoing them to you all. 

You can now buy these beauties on the Powertex UK website

We just love the power and romantic notions that Greek mythology conjours and so decided to use some of those figures for the names of our stamps. 

Aprodite's kiss being the first. She is certainly a lady full of grace, love and beauty.

Then Cassiopeia is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivaled beauty. We think this cosmic feel stamp lives up to its name.

Welll, back to it now and creating more pieces to be able to share with you. I made sure to take photos of most of the samples I created for Hochanda and I've got lots more ideas that need to be created for the Birmingham NEC Hobbycrafts show at the end of June. Toodle pip Anna xXx 

Monday, 5 June 2017

It's the final count down......

It's very hard to describe my feelings right this moment. Erm.... excited CHECK! Feeling slightly sick....CHECK! Super nervous...CHECK! I have the faith, confidence and support of my Powertex family around me and I am hoping I do them and you all proud with my debut on Hochanda with our Tracey from Powertex UK
Am I ready......yes....but I have always been one of those people that has a back up plan, to the back up plan. I am hoping I have created enough samples and pieces to keep me going and keep you inspired. At the same time Garry and Tracey at Powertex UK and I are in collaboration on an exciting product which we will be launching on Hochanda first. 
If you like them I would put them in your baskets and checkout quick sticks. With many other goodies that you just won't be able to say no to! Loving all the fabulous new products brought to us by Powertex Uk, they really do know how to spoil us! 
I now have the final count down song stuck in my head, ha ha. Well, not for long. Rock choir tonight and I will be learning a new tune that I will undoubtedly get an ear worm from for the next week. See you all very soon on the telly box. Are you excited yet? Don't miss us on Hochanda sky 633 on June 8th and 9th.
Toodle pip Anna xXx